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Chinese Almanac  吉日
1. What is Chinese Almanac?

The Chinese Almanac derived from Tong Shu is a Chinese divination guide and almanac. It consists primarily of a calendar based on the Chinese lunar year. It provides what is suitable to do on each day like days for wedding, ground breaking and house moving.

For more on Chinese Alamanc click here.

2. How to use our Chinese Almanac Tong Shui?

(a) Buy our Chinese Almanac.
(b) It is available in 3, 6 , 12 months or 24 months WORTH OF CALENDAR.
(c) If you subscribed for 3 months, you will be able to access 3 months worth of calender.
(d) Once you have made your payment, you will be able to view the almanac online.

For more on Chinese Almanac Tong Shu please click here.

FengShui Audit - Home / Office consultation  家居风水
1. What is FengShui?

FengShui translates literally as wind and water. FengShui deals with Earth Luck, which governs 33% of our Destiny. Earth Luck refers to our natural living environment.

2. Why would I seek a FengShui Audit?

FengShui audit is a tool that helps us achieve a harmonious home that brings happiness, contentment, improves our wellbeing and quality of life. Good FengShui in our home or work workplace direct positive energy that smoothen the path to our goal, and lessen our burden during tough time.

3. What is OnLine FengShui service?

It is an online FengShui service that provides a full assessment of your home.

4. How our OnLine FengShui works?

You will need to provide the following:

(1) Record the cardinal direction that your home and main door faces with a compass.
(2) Take photos or video clips of your home's surrounding, i.e. front, back, left and right.
(3) Prepare the house plan.
(4) Prepare house occupant’s date of birth.
(5) Email (1), (2), (3), and (4) to us.
(6) Describe your problems and main concerns.

A report of the recommendations on the necessary FengShui implementation will be send to you.

5. FengShui Audit OnSite process.

Please contact us by using
(1). Our online contact form or
(2). Contact us at

Personalised date selections   良辰吉日
1. What is Date Selection?

Date Selection is about selecting a good date and right time to start an activity.
For more on Date Selection please click here.

2. Why would I seek a Date Selection?

A good date and right time have benevolent effect on the activity that you wish to embark on, and it give you ahead start.

3. How our Date Selection works?

(a) Choose one of our Date Selection service option.
(b) State the time frame when you need to carry out your activity.
(c) A reply with the good date and time will be send to you.

4. I cannot use the date selected. What can I do?

You can buy the date selection service again, and give us a new time frame for the date selection.

Life destiny Bazi analysis, 八字论命
1. What is BaZi?

BaZi literally translate to Eight Character and is more popularly known as Four Pillar of Destiny. It is an ancient Chinese Metaphysics studies base on the Chinese five-elements theory using one birth data – Year, Month, Day and Hour and translates it into four pairs of distinct Chinese Characters which is called Jia Zi.

This BaZI Four Pillars is where we used to decode your destiny.
It consists of
(a) BaZi Birth chart (the 8 characters).
(b) 9 Decades 'Ta Yun'.
(c) Years chart up to at least 90 years.

For more on BaZi Four Pillars click here .

2. Why would I seek a BaZi Destiny Consultation?

BaZi can help you with answers to your life’s challenges and problems. It can guide you to form a solid goal in life if you have been uncertain of your potential because you seem to drift along without any direction. Perhaps you want to be prepared of any future crisis? Maybe you might want to plan your future career? If you are at a crossroad in your life, and need some guidance to make a decision, BaZi may just be the answer.

3. Can I change my destiny?

Destiny is not a certain fact. It can be shaped according to your needs based on your actions, as long as you are willing to take the necessary actions to bring about changes in your life.

4. What is BaZi Report?

The consultation comes with a BaZi report which will focus on what you have selected.

5. How our BaZi Consultation works?.

(a) Choose and buy your BaZi pacakge.
(b) Clients are advised to prepare a list of questions and email them to us.
(c) The report will be send to you within 20 days.

General Question
1. What type of payment method is available?

We accept PayPal for all our services through a secured server.

2. Cannot find the information you need?

Please contact us by using
(1). Our online contact form or
(2). Contact us at - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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