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Check your house feng shui by using Flying Star FengShui Calculator.

What is a flying Star Chart? And how to tell a house is of good feng shui.

Flying star charts reveal a great deal of information in feng shui study. Flying star reveal the feng shui of the whole house and house feng shui is changing yearly, monthly and even daily. In the chinese 100 years calendar, it shown the yearly, monthly and daily star.
Below is what a flying star chart look like. It has nine sectors to represent the nine palace of any property. There are 8 direction grids on the sides plus the center. There are 9 numbers in each palace. The large number in the center is the period number of the sector. During the Period 8 - from 4th. Feb. 2004 to 3rd. Feb. 2024, the center lrage number is always 8.

7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9

Flying star chart

Above is a typical house chart. The small on the right side is the mountain star and signify health and human harmony. The small number on the left is called the water star and signify wealth luck. Thus, when bad star (take number 5 Fatal illness 大病位) fly into a particular sector for example your kitchen, kitchen belong the element fire and number 5 star belong to the earth element, fire produces earth which family members are more easily get sick.

Summary of the stars

Star 1 - Romance 桃华位 Water element
Star 2 - Sickness 小病位 Earth element
Star 3 - Dispute 争斗星 Wood element
Star 4 - Academic 文昌星 Wood element
Star 5 - Fatal illness 大病位 Earth element
Star 6 - Military 武曲星 Metal element
Star 7 - Robbery 破军星 Metal element
Star 8 - Wealth 左铺才星 Earth element
Star 9 - Celebration 右弼喜星 Fire element

How to analyse a flying star chart.

Step 1.
Determine which period applies to your house.

Step 2.
Determine which period charts applies to your house by determining the facing direction of your house.

Step 3.
Superimpose the fyling chart onto your house layout.

Step 4.
Next, identify the period, mountain and water stars and decide which is your good sector.

Step 5.
Lookout for the "special" the chart. These include

1. "On mountain on water 旺才旺丁" when period water star (8 for period 8) fly to front of the house and period mountain star fly to the back of the house. It is desirable to have the presence water in front and mountain support at the back of the house. Excellent in feng shui.

2. "Up mountain down water 损才伤丁" when period water star (8 for period 8) fly to back of the house and period mountain star fly to the front of the house. Mountain in front and water at the water. Not favorable in term of money and health luck. Bad in feng shui.

3. "Double star in front 旺才不旺丁" when period water and mountain stars (8 for period 8) fly to the front of the house. Money luck is good. However, no help for health. Please take note that "Up mountain down water 损才伤丁" is not neccessary better than this; money luck for this house might be even greater.

4. "Double star at the back 旺丁不旺才 " when period water and mountain stars (8 for period 8) fly to the back of the house. Health luck is good. However, no help for money luck.

There are many other formation likes "3 star triangular formation","Diagonal formation","duplicating star" "duplicating mountain star (forward)", "duplicating mountain star (backward)" and many more. I will try to cover this in the near future.

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