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Punishment code : Ungrateful Punishment.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Punishment relationship is one of the more complex relationships between the earthly branches that can be found in our BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny. Punishment “Xing” 刑 normally involve relationship and most of the time are psychological rather than physical. It relates to how people feel about their lives, the personality or behavior of that particular person. People with punishment in their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny normally feel unhappy, never satisfied; happiness normally never lasts long for them and even when they are in their good mood, they will try to find something to make themselves feel unhappy about.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny – Ungrateful Punishment code” title=
Chart 1. Her BaZi Four Pillar of Destiny.

Bullies and their BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bullies are made and are born. When we are born with too many "7 killings" Qi-sha 七杀 ( authority stars) and they are our negative stars and we do not have self control stars, we tends to become aggressive especially when provoked. Even if the authority stars are our positive stars, these can change from good to bad when we meet with certain Ta Yun and/or years. This is one of the reasons why our personality changes with time. These bullying behaviors appears when we have too many "7 killings" Qi-sha 七杀 ( authority stars); one these stars turn bad, cornered or injured our personality will become aggressive, unsettle and sometime resolve to physical force to settle any disputes.

Bazi FengShui bully and aggressive guy
Chart 1. His "10 years luck cycle (大运 Ta Yun)”.
In the first four Ta Yun, his self-control star was cornered and injured.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny - Do you have the leadership qualities? Can you lead?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

How are some people able to effortlessly lead and inspire others, whilst other meet with constant criticism and continous failure? How to check if we have these kind of qualities so we can be potential leaders? Have you ever find yourself in the position to hire some personnel that need leadership, plan to employ a Team Leader, a Manager or Head of Department?

The relevant star to look for in your natal chart is the Officer Star Zheng-guan 正官 and Qi-sha 七杀 . In BaZi term, it is the element that counters the Day Master 日元 . For a Wood Day Master, the Officer star is the Metal element. The Metal Day Master is countered by the Fire element. The Fire Day Master is controlled by the Water element. The Water Day Master is countered by the Earth element and the Earth Day Master is countered by the Wood element.

BaZi Do you have the leadership qualities
Chart 1. BaZi with Officer stars as his favorable stars.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi reading - A reputable guy

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Been Asian, obviously many if not all of us still believe the foundation to a better life is a strong fundamental education. But does education really the most important things in life so that we can make more money? If you know that your son cannot study do you still force him to study? Does the young man have other talent?

There are many very successful and wealthy businessmen that actually do not have any degree, but they are more capable as compare with many others.

In many country, especially in Asian country, when you look at their syllabus you’ll find that the students are put through a very rigorous education system. Their kids definitely learn a lot much more. But do they need all the subjects in the syllabus. The subjects almost include all the subjects that I can think of. Parents who can afford it, pay a small fortunes for their kids to go into private and international schools, which when you are actually look at the qualifications of the teachers and principals, you’ll be puzzled how can they actually charge so much. In the Chinese school system, children are drilled in mathematics and science in many languages, and take home piles of homework on a daily basis. Once start working, all the grown kid will forget many of what they have study.

In some other countries like in Australia, it almost seems that the extracurricular activities take a key place in their early education years. So, how does Australia create so many scientist, musicians, noble prize winners, outstanding sports men and women with such an education system that most Asians would consider very ‘relaxing’?

This is because they emphasis on the strengths rather than the weakness. In Australia, if you are good in a particular subject, you are given the opportunity to go deeper and further into it, whether it is arts, maths, science, or sports. It doesn’t matter. You can opt out of your regular classes and take these extra classes. In some country like Malaysia, most parents will ensure that you are given more tuition, and emphasis is given to the weak subjects. Think of the output of these 2 actions: one focuses on strengths and the other on weakness. Which system do you think generates common results and which promotes excellence?

The same principle would apply when we look at a BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui of some houses or offices. I believe it is much better to work the strengths rather than fix the weakness.

If you know that your son lack of concentration in his study, find out his talent and concentrate on it. For example if he likes counting get him to study account. Do not get me wrong when I said “study account” I do not necessary means put him back into school for a few years. The kid can just enroll in some sort of account classes and start doing the actual accounting in a firm. It can be any firm and not necessary accounting firm. If you have your own company you can get him to help you in an actual field environment.

Now let me picked an example. He was born in 2006.

He is a Extreme strong daymaster 專格. His BaZi chart is full of “Resources” and his “Wealth” stars.

Bazi fengshui – education
Chart 1. His Ta Yun the 10 years luck cycle

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Sunday, 21 July 2024
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Inauspicious Inauspicious
"Ping 平   Balance"  BingXu 丙戌  day

Year breaker - 岁破
• Marriage both for legal registration and for religious ceremony
• Signing agreements commercial in nature and less obligation
• Signing agreements that is more on your abligations or responsibilities
• Signing an agreement that will span a long duration or finalise something permanently
• Signing any legal settlement
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Red Phoenix 朱雀and Grappling Hook 勾绞 stars making this day unsuitable for any important activities. This bring legal problem, human injuries and poor health.

Due to the fact that today is a Year breaker day 岁破, thus making today inauspicious.

Today is a Annual Sha 岁煞日 day, making this day unsuitable for certain activities. This indicates delay, setbacks and procrastination. Therefore, is best avoid starting any important project with tight schedule, and avoid submitting projects that need quick approval.
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