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3 steps D.I.Y Feng Shui

This is the feng shui secret that has being kept away from all of you.

Step 1. What is your house period or house age? What is house period?

Step 2. What is your house facing direction? What is house facing?

Step 3. Read your feng shui summary and flying stars and 8 mansions charts.

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For houses, apartments and offices with irregular shapes, the positions of the flying stars and 8 mansions sectors might shift depending on your interior and floor layout. It will then go by case by case basis and good judgment need to come from experiences.

A critical area is the dividing line of each mountain. Any main door facing that falls on the line is regarded as Blind Spot and is deemed inauspicious, spelling misfortune and severe bad luck for the occupants. This is one of the worst categories.

KongWang BlindSpot BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee KongWang BlindSpot BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny Patt Chee

Your Feng Shui summary
Period 5 facing S1 South 157.6°-172.5°
Kan house 坎宅 RenBing 壬丙

Up Mountain Down Water 损才伤丁
Non favor to both health and wealth.

This is not a good house to stay. You must try to improve your house's luck. Even you have a good BaZi and running your good TaYun, this house will drag you down to some extent. How to qualify?

House Feng Shui flying star chart. What is Feng Shui flying star chart

9   8 5   4 7   6
4 9 2

8   7 1   9 3   2
3 5 7
4   3 6   5 2   1
8 1 6
House Feng Shui 8 mansions chart.
SE 巽 Xun kua S 离 Li kua SW 坤 Kun kua
Seng Qi
Yan Nian
Jue Ming
E 震 Zhen kua W 兑 Tui kua
Tian Yi
Huo Hai
NE 艮 Gen kua N 坎 Kan kua NW 乾 Qian kua
Wu Gui
Fu Wei
Liu Sha

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