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Water placement in Feng Shui

The truth of water in Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally translated into Wind and Water. Therefore, Water must be playing a vital and very important rule in Feng Shui. In every espect, the earth prdouces Qi, Wind moves Qi, and Water will acts upon Qi. Water accumulate, collecting and gathering Qi. At the same time, Qi can be stopped, barricaded, directed and re-directed by water.

At the end of this article, you will have a better idea what water should be used and where to utilise water and when WATER SHOULD NOT be used and how to avoid the common mistakes that many people make when it come to use and utilising water in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and Water Myths

Myth # 1. Water is wealth.

The Chinese always says water as money, "水为财". This is also because we always say "Mountains govern people plus health and water governs wealth; Good mountains produce good health and good water produces wealth".

In reality, water does not means wealth neither with more water more wealth. It tends to have hidden meanings. Water itself does not create, produce, or generate wealth in the sense of dollars and cents.
Water is an activator or an agent that can have a positive effect of not only wealth. But it can also enhances health, suppress conflicts and disputes, generate a more harmony environment and can do many more.

However, water can also bring disasters if wrongfully applied and used.

Since water is an activator, what it activates, and the outcome it produces will all depends on what type of Qi that is currently located in the areas or sectors.

Myth # 2. Fake Water Dragon.

Some constructions whether it is a house or a building, there have been recommendation to build drains or visible drainage systems and people called them as "Water Dragon Feng Shui" using what they called "Water Dragon Formulas" which might sounds more powerful than "Drains".

The reality is that they are not constructing any Water Dragon. "Water Dragon" is a classical Chinese book about how to read a land forms when the land is totally or almost flat. Feng Shui master are supposed to look at how the water flows and how is the mountains formation. Thus the name "Water Dragon".

There are no record for drains as "Water Dragon". They are all constructing drains and I am afraid that are exactly what they are.

Any open drains whether is too near your house or water gushing toward your property produces "Sha Qi" which is bad in Feng Shui.

Myth # 3. Water Dragon Formulas.

Water Dragon Formulas is a term created by Western culture on Water Feng Shui. It is a very creative phrase used to describe how classical Feng Shui refers to as Water Formulas.

All the English Water Dragons formulas are a compilation of several Chinese Classical books on Water Feng Shui. They are not entirely wrong.

Unfortunately, the understanding on how these formulas should be utilised is what is wrong.

The formulas emphasis the entry and exit points of the water flows which is correct. The problem is they are not the real water dragon but only an artificial drains or open drainages systems. This is because the practitioners behind this intepreted the Water Formulas in the classical books as drainage systems.

This is the wrong intepretation for 2 reasons.

1. Using drains and open drainages system will create uncessary Sha Qi which means drains and open drainages system violates several classical Feng Shui principles. No classical Feng Shui deliberate create Sha Qi (which the drain will create) in order to attract wealth. This is just silly.

2. The assumption of the drainage entry and exit points is errorneous. Classical Feng Shui discuss about the natural movements of water such as rivers together with the formation of mountains. Without mountain formation, the Water will not be effective and errors prone. Therefore, Water Feng Shui by contructing drains is wrong and ugly.

Myth # 4. Water Dragon Formulas can make you very rich in a very short time.

As water itself does not attract wealth, this is a wrong assumption.

Myth # 5. Then what should I used?

Any type of water will do. You can put a water plant, an aquarium with only pumps to circulate the water or a water fountain. If you want to have fish in the tank, go ahead. Any number of fish will do and of any type or color.

However, Classical Feng Shui emphasis Water

and not picture or thoughts or sounds of water.

Type of water.

1. Sheng Qi water(sentimental good water) - show moving, meandering with wide shape or curve, gentle, quiet and clean.

2. Sha Qi water (merciless bad water) - fast moving, straight and narrow, loud and noisy, smelly and stagnant and restless.

Preferred choice of Feng Shui masters when it comes to using water - AQUARIUMS

1. Nice to look at and having a calm effect when one looking at the fish swimming.
2. Aquariums are easy to keep clean and maintain.
3. Aquariums do not attract suspicion that "Feng Shui is at work".
4. Aquariums keeps water moving and create a Yang environment that create and maintain Qi at the sector.
5. Water must be seen and exposed - Aquariums fulfil the needs.

Below is where you can locate your auspicious sector to place your aquariums. Just follow the 3 steps exactly the same as in Feng Shui from the home page.

Step 1 of 3. House period   What is house period?

Step 2 of 3. House facing   What is house facing?

Step 3 of 3.

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