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How to apply Eight Mansions Feng Shui

IMPORTANT: You do NOT choose a suitable house section based on your personal or life GUA. This is the MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTION. Your gua number is used to determine your favorable directions not favorable sections of the house. A house has its own chart with 4 good and 4 bad sections just as your life gua or kua has 4 favourable and 4 unfavourable directions. Sections and directions are two different concepts.

In 8 mansions feng shui, all houses and property are divided into 8 sectors based on the kua from the later heaven arrangement. Each kua represent a direction in the compass with 45º per sector. It takes into consideration the sitting and facing of the house but does not take into consideration of the time dimension. 8 mansions feng shui does not regard a property as changing with time.

Most important sector are (the general selection rule)

Heavenly Doctor天医, Tian Yi your wealth sector. Make sure there is no missing wealth corner and your toilet is not here. Air conditioners in the wealth sector is great.

Six Killings六煞, Liu Sha your relation sector. You need this not because you want ex-marital problems but in modern days we all talk and communicate with people everyday.

5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui. This is your most distrasous sector; sickness, bad luck, disputes, and etc. Your main door and kitchen is very unfavorable here. We called a house as "Dispute house" when 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui arrive at the main door. No air conditioners allowed here. Missing 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui corner is good. If kitchen is located at 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui, Kitchen belong to fire element. it will brings complication to your health involving heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation.

The rest of the bad sector sound bad but not necessary bad for everyone. Take the left figure as an example. Total Loss绝命, Jue Ming at the North sector which is Kan 坎 kua, water element, water control fire, which means this sector in unfavorable to those with Li 离 kua, fire element. Personal 8 Mansion life KUA

These 8 mansions are further divided into 2 groups - East 4 mansion and West 4 mansion respectivly. In order to identify what type of house is suitable for a person, you will need to derive from your personal kua. This can be done through our Personal 8 Mansion life KUA. Individual kua number is based on the year of birth and gender. This is used to discover personlised auspicious and inauspicious direction. However, it is only neccessary to do this selection for personal gain for example in your working room or bedroom.

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