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What is Bazi, Patt Chee or Four Pillars of Destiny

In recent years, the ancient Chinese metaphysic subjects such as Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny (or in Chinese words 八字 Ba Zi) are capturing worlwide attention.

The Chinese in ancient time has learned on how to improve their life and they created a model of human quality of life which depend on three main factors: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

With BaZi, all of us can learn things like below:

1. Learn about your talent which can show you what kind of career suits you
2. Your bad and good decade luck period
3. Your health
4. Your wealth
5. Your marriage and choosing a compatible spouse, partnership
6. Your family
7. Your relationship with your parent, relatives, wife, grandparents, future kids
8. What type of person you are
9. Your education and your children education
10.And many many mores...

According to this ancient BaZi Chinese metaphysics, when you were born on the year, the month, the day and the hour to this world, your Four Pillars of Destiny already set up your destiny of your life. Your parent gave birth to you, but your destiny runs through these four pillars. There are also Luck Period and Year Period which will add control to your life.

There is a question that being debated over and over again. Whether diffirent people who are born at the same time, data, month, and year, will have the same destiny? I can tell you No. Because there are still other factors that we still don't know affect our destiny. But, the Four Pillars of Destiny make up around 90% of our destiny.

Now, another questions probably arise in your mind whether you can avoid or at least minimize your bad luck if you have already know your Four Pillars. The answer is YES. At least we still can minimize the effect of the bad luck, but we cannot avoid it.

Like if we know from our Four Pillars that we will have trouble with robbery, we can donate our money to the poor, we still loose our money, but in a minimize way. If we know that we will have body injuries, go and donate blood.

This is the sample Four Pillars of Destiny of Mr. Stephen Chow. He is a Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter, film director and producer.

You might ask me the question. What are all those Chinese characters in the life chart? What does it actually means? There are all your secret codes of your life and changes every day within hours. They are very complicated and very difficult to decode nevertheless on how to read and use them. This is why life so complicated, right? Everyone is born with a set of unique blueprint that we called BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny.

Sample of chart.

For more sample go to More bazi reading. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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