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Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui calculator with Feng Shui arrangements


South East South South West
3 9
8 5
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
1 7
3 (wood) in harmony with 9 (fire). Indicates celebration. 8 and 5 both earth. Indicates wealth. Indicates hands, fingers, back, nose, stomach illness. Injury to young man (8) 1 (water) 7 (metal). Metal produces water strong. Favor romance.
East West
2 8
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day
4 1
6 3
Put a glass of water.
2 and 8 both earth, Earth strong. Indicates wealth and stomach illness. 4 (wood, academic) , 1 (water) in harmony. Indicate romance and excellence in studies. 6 (metal, father, head), 3 (wood, eldest son) indicates feet injury to eldest son and headaches or migraines.
North East North North West
7 4
Put a glass of water.
9 6
Put a brown card.
5 2
Put a mechanical music box. Turn on 2-3 times a day Put a glass of water.
7 (metal) conflict with 4 (wood). Indicates thigh and liver illness. Daughters disharmony. 9 (fire) conflict with 6 (metal) which represent head, bones, large intestines, lung more. Dispute between father and rebellious son. Put brown card to resolve. Both earth elements. Indicate illness, misfortune, and death. Possible sign of widowhood. 2 represents mother. 2 related to stomach indicates intestinal illness. Put metal to resolve.

a pink pillow or anything that is pink or red in color.

8 white pebbles.

a glass of water.

a bunch of six metal keys or a mechanical music box.

a brown card.

a plant. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
Feng Shui
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