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Missing hour of birth in BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny reading

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


There are many cases when we do not know which hour we were born. It is not unusual that when we read a chart, the hour is missing. One out of four pillars or you can say 25% missing data can change the reading drastically. This will affect the strength of the day master which in turn will affect the whole reading.

There are many ways in the hour pillar reconstruction. One way is simply doing it the old fashion way; trying all the 13 possible hours (11 animal signs plus early rat and late rat altogether 13 branches) . by matching DM's (daymaster) major life events, personalities and family relationships.

Astrological method like Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu is more birth hour sensitive than BaZi. An incorrectly reported birth hour will affect the final reading drastically. But this doesn't means it will not turn our BaZi reading upside-down!

A major question is; is this a strong, weak, close to balance? A balanced Daymaster is even harder to read.

The followings are some approaches to estimate the hour data using client’s (DM):

1. Early education up to higher level of education
2. his health
3. his level of intelligence
4. is his born talented?
5. other personalities or characteristics to estimate the hour,
6. major event like making a lot of money in a particular year, or lthe other way round.
7.major achievement in career like being promoted to Chief Executive. So that this particular year must be good for him.
8. major mishap like meet with accident or are very sick For example, major accident occurred , so that this particular year must be negative for him.
9. look at his family members. DM with many siblings is likely to be a strong DM

For example there were a lot of thing that we need to go thorugh in order to analyse all the victims that were perished in an airplane that took away so many people life at the same place, same time, same day and same year. Are all of them having the same Bazi ? Of course not, But all of them do show some form of similarity. But first thing first, we need to get the hour right. So go through one by one.

Do all of their Bazi tell you the same thing they can not avoid ? I have personnally analyze so many people BaZi, it can not change when your life is going to end no matter now many feng shui you used, how many fengsui masters your have consulted with so many Bazi plus fengshui experts advise. Just advise them to buy more life insurance.

What I am trying to say here is, you find a major event and you will find the correct hour of birth. Death is a bit too late. Choose the year that you strike the jackpot.

With the correct hour, one sure to find his path easier to follow. Bazi tells you what are your charted path is. Feng shui can help you get along easier but cannot change the path. Feng shui can only help some one to minimise or maximise the path. Seeing the pot holes in the road ahead you sure can steer better. - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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