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Crystal Zhang Tian'ai a very special BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny

Wednesday, 10 May 2023


Zhang Tian'ai 张天爱 also known by her English name Crystal Zhang, is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known for her breakout role in the 2015 hit web-drama Go Princess Go.

Now let’s take a look at her BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny.


Bing 丙 fire born in the month of Xu 戌 earth. Bing 丙 fire with root at Yin 寅 wood tiger, together with Yin 寅 wood giving birth to fire, this look like a weak Bing 丙 fire day master. However there is one fundamental and a crucial criteria inside [滴天髓] an ancient BaZi scroll which it mentioned when certain conditions are met, this become a follower chart. This indeed a 从格 Cong Ge where earth is her talents and recognition, metal is her wealth and water is her partner and career.

2015– Breakout and leading roles

In 2015, Zhang Tian'ai starred in the historical romance web drama Go Princess Go. The low-budget series unexpectedly became a commercial hit, and shot Zhang to fame, Following her fame, Zhang was cast in bigger projects.

2015 was her breakthrough. Let’s take a look at her 2015. She started her 2015 己未 JiWei TaYun in May 2015 when earth is very strong. Strong earth bring her fame and recognition. 2015 is YiWei 乙未 year, even with unfavorable Yi 乙 wood this Yi 乙 wood combines with Geng 庚 to produce metal. Metal is her wealth which give birth to water, her career stars. 2015 brings her opportunities, fame and wealth.

How about her 2023? There is going to be some changes and it's not entirely good, a mixed year with good but not entirely good. 2024 is a good year.

This chart is most afraid of Jia 甲, Yi 乙, Gui 癸 and 卯.

It this a wealthy chart? Can be considered as rich among the norm.

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