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2024 Lunar Chinese New Year - Choose the right time to start

Sunday, 4 February 2024


Lunar Chinese New Year 2024 falls on Saturday, 10 February 2024. This is a 满甲辰日 氐宿 Full day.

We all want to choose a good time for prayers and offerings for prosperity, longevity and good fortune.

Choosing 12am - 12:59 am with 天牢 Heavenly Jail is bad.

Good choices are

9am - 10:59am,
7am - 8:59am,
1pm - 2:59pm, and
1am - 2:59am, .

Use 喜神 God Of Happiness - North East and 贵神 God Of Nobility - South West, avoid 才神 God Of Wealth - South East. Warning: Even 财神 God Of Wealth at South East you cannot use South East as 五鬼 Five Ghost and 死门 Death Door is also at South East. As 恶神 Wicked Deity - Center/Heaven 在天 it's advised to have your prayers moderately. If you still want to invite 财神 Wealth God use second day of the first lunar month Sunday, 11 February, 2024, 1am - 2:59am, 7am - 8:59am and 9am - 10:59am. Facing South East and do it moderately.

甲辰日 Jia Chen day
+ Wood + Earth Dragon day
Clash with Dog
戊戌 Wu Xu + Earth + Earth Dog 
born from 15:56PM  4/2/1958 to  21:46PM 4/2/1959
庚戌 Geng Xu + Metal + Earth Dog
born from 13:33PM  4/2/1970 to  19:32PM 4/2/1971
甲 子
Jia Zi
乙 丑
Yi Chou
丙 寅
Bing Yin
丁 卯
Ding Mao
戊 辰
Wu Chen
己 巳
Ji Si
11pm - 12:59am 1am - 2:59am 3am - 4:59am 5am - 6:59am 7am - 8:59am 9am - 10:59am
Inauspicious Moderate Moderate Inauspicious Moderate Auspicious
天牢 Heavenly Jail
玉堂 Jade Hall
元武 Black Turtoise
日马 Day Horse
旬空 Group Emptiness
勾绞 Grappling Hook
日害 Day Harm
日建 Day Establish
日刑 Day Punish
明堂 Bright Hall
庚 午
Geng Wu
辛 未
Xin Wei
壬 申
Ren Shen
癸 酉
Gui You
甲 戌
Jia Xu
乙 亥
Yi Hai
11am - 12:59pm 1pm - 2:59pm 3pm - 4:59pm 5pm - 6:59pm 7pm - 8:59pm 9pm - 10:59pm
Inauspicious Moderate Inauspicious Moderate Inauspicious Auspicious
天刑 Heavenly Punish
不遇 Non Eligible
天乙 Heavenly Nobleman
朱雀 Red Phoenix
金匮 Gold Lock
路空 Road Emptiness
日合 Day Combine
路空 Road Emptiness
白虎 White Tiger
日破 Day Breaker
玉堂 Jade Hall
Auspicious directions
喜神 God Of Happiness - North East
贵神 God Of Nobility - South West
才神 God Of Wealth - South East
吉门 Lucky Door - West
生门 Living Door - North West
开门 Open Door - South West
Inauspicious directions
恶神 Wicked Deity - Center/Heaven 在天
五鬼 Five Ghost - South East
死门 Death Door - South East - BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny and FengShui
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