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Wednesday, 5 April 2017
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山官人丁水官财 ~ Mountains Govern People, Water Governs Wealth

This phrase refers to Mountains and Rivers, the important principle in Feng Shui - Yin and Yang in perfect balance and equilibrium before you can achieve success in life. This is about People Luck and Wealth Luck. It goes hand in hand, you cannot have the one without the other.


Mountains can be interpreted based on their shape and greenery A mountain that is nothing but rock can be referred to as a yin mountain and cannot sustain life, and reflected with poor or despairing people live nearby. With rough and jagged mountains, people living nearby will suffer and can have many hardships. A healthy mountain with oily green plants and sustains animals of any kind, then the qi (energy) is vibrant and it is called a yang mountain. This brings healthier and more prosperous people who live nearby.

In classical Feng Shui there are four major type of house which show how auspicious or inauspicious they are. We normally think that having water in front and have mountain behind is ideal, but this is an overly simplistic understanding of the theories. Some houses need a mountain in front of them to improve the health and well-being of the occupants.

We also use “virtual mountain” which is a real structure just not a real mountain. An example of a virtual mountain could be just an artificial or “fake” mountain inside of your home or an earthen landscape.


Water, in any of its forms (river, lake, or ocean) represents flow; it is dynamic, and thus associated with wealth.

An ideal site for your house, is when embraced by nearby water that gently meanders allowing vibrant Qi to flow smoothly. A house that positioned in the soft curves or folds of a watercourse is benefited by the well balanced Qi. In contrast, sharp bends or an abrupt end, form an arrow like lines not only break the flow but create a channel of malign forces or Sha Qi.

Now where do we find “water” in this new modern living? “Water” can be interpreted as road in front or at the back of your home, lower land or even a water plant inside your house if you know where to put them. Again we normally think that having water in front and have mountain behind is good, but this is an overly simplistic understanding of the theories. Some houses need a water at the back to encourage prosperity.

~ You need to have mountain and/or water at the right place in order to create balance and equilibrium and to achieve both wealth luck and people luck. This can be achieved by knowing where to put them. * This formation is only applicable for some houses and not all.

For some lucky houses, you can have three periods channeling their vibrant Qi to support each other, have the numbers for grow and success. This will improve your house Feng Shui tremendously.

Get your Feng Shui Arrangements by checking it out here.

Get your Feng Shui Arrangements by checking it out here.

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