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Basic Rules of Feng Shui Before You Buy A House : 12 types of houses to avoid.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008
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Nowadays, many of us will check out the feng shui of a property before we decide to buy or not to buy. This means Feng Shui have a high percentage in determine the value of the property. Feng Shui elements will also determine the future resell value for potential buyers.

Buying a house can be a fascinating experience, even if at times filled with fear and doubts. Applying feng shui to the process of buying a house is a wise investment on many levels - it will give you peace of mind, as well as assure that your house is a good financial investment.

If the house feng shui is bad. Is it a cure? Healing is secondary because it’s not worth spending money to improve something that is bad, when you could spend y our money on improving something that’s good. In Feng Shui we like to start with something positive and improve, rather than with something negative and then spend money to get something “mediocre.”

Good feng shui means good energy, and people are always attracted to it! This will help with the house sale in the future. Good feng shui also means good health, happiness and abundance of prosperity, and are those not the very hopes you have for the new home?

But, how about the opposite? Bad feng shui will also means disaster. If you got yourself a house wilth bad feng shui, everythings seems to be wrong. Unemployment, financial hardship, health problems, children disobey your instruction and so on. Should you move because of bad feng shui? When everything seems to be going wrong, you want to find another place to stay. But now your house only valued at half of the purchased price that you have paid!!!

You just hope that you have known what type of house that you should avoid.

Here let me tell you which kinds of housing that you must not buy.

1. Strong wind. 风大不宜

Walk around the house to see if the environment have any defects. If its marked by strong wind or by more wind than usual, avoid this house. In feng shui house need to gather "Qi" and windy area definitely cannot do this and the house will not be auspicious.

2. Not enough sun light. 阳光不足不宜

If sunlight is not sufficient, you do not need to consider this house. In feng shui, it is very important to have refreshing air, and enough of sunlight. Insufficient sunlight will cause a house to have excessive yin qi.

3. Dirt in the center. 中心受污不宜

This means toilet in the center of the house. This is be like our heart is pile up with dirt!!!.

4. The front of the house.

The front door of a house is also known as the Mouth of Qi. It is through the front door Qi flowing inwards from the external environment. If the Main passage is bad then do not waste time looking at the rest of the house. It can not be that good. In Feng Shui, we value the front with formulas based on the direction and Forms. The forms are the easiest way to find out the Feng Shui Front Door affecting, especially for beginners.

What are the symptoms of a bad door? A light pole, a tree in the middle of the door?

The main doors are inclined , not only cause problems Sha Qi but can also result in the main door faces a pillar.

Avoid houses with columns facing the front door (inside and out). If you find that the Main Gate is located below the master bedroom bathroom or any room, this again is not conducive to the flow of Qi and should be avoided.

Figure 1. House facing a road and a big tree is bad.

5. Kitchen.

Kitchen governed the health aspects of house, specifically the positioning and location of the stove. This is because we cook our food in the kitchen that directly impact the health of our family members. Avoid kitchen located in the center of the house and also avoid a house with a kitchen that has the center for its stove (sometimes called Kitchen Island).

6. Drains.

Open drains in front of the house, known as Sha-Cutting Feet may actually adversely affect the occupants of a property, especially in monetary matters. This is not any water dragon as might claimed by the realtor, drain that runs around the house, is a drain - it is a drain and nothing more.

7. Others threatening ways.

You do not want to choose a property where the road curved into the house, like a sword. Nor does alleys, narrow or wide, off the property.

A very narrow alley can cause a serious or Sha Qi (depending on the alley) and this is usually very, very difficult to correct. So the best thing to do is avoid it completely.

8. Bedrooms

Irregularly shaped bedrooms mean that the Qi of them is not stable and should be avoided in any home. The best type of room is a square. You also want low-pitched roofs and ceilings eliminating the Qi, resulting in interrupted sleep or poor sleep quality.

9. If the house face a tall building and the building is very near.

10. Avoid buying property that near temple, sepulchral chapel, graveyard, monastery and tomb. Too much yin.

11. Avoid "U" shape building. It shape like the word death in chinese "亡".

12. In front of building a long and narrow empty land.

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