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Activation of tao hua using feng shui. It is good or Bad? and how?

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Many of us would have heard or read about fengshui arrangement or enhancement of love luck or so called the peach blossom or tao hua luck. However, before you activate your love and romance luck, you must be aware that there is both good and bad peach blossom luck.

To Chinese people, and in Chinese poetry, the term Peach Blossom or Tao Hua桃花 is associated with love and romance. In fengshui, there are three categories of Peach Blossom Luck – Tao Hua Yun 桃花运, Tao Hua Jie 桃花劫, and Tao Hua Sha 桃花杀.

Tao Hua Yun 桃花运– When one is going through Tao Hua Yun, he or she will become very attractive and popular. She does not necessary to very pretty or he must be handsome. For the singles, such tao hua luck can enhance love attraction and increase more dating opportunities that might lead to a marriage.

Generally in term of BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny, Tao Hua Yun is considered as a good peach blossom luck for the singles who are genuinely looking for a marriage partner or long-term love relationship. However, for those who like to flirt around or have ill intentions, then such good peach blossom luck can easily turn into bad tao hua as listed below.

For certain people, she or he is having an extremely strong Ta Hua and this might lead to many suitors. If her BaZi is also having many combination especially pillar combination and/or spouse stars palace combination and/or clashes with spouse palace, there will be many pursuers. There might also be divorce after marriage.

Tao Hua Jie 桃花劫 – A misfortune caused by love affairs. This usually happens to those who are married or who are already in a steady relationship. Family disharmony, broken marriage and legal tussles are common in tao hua jie, resulting in mental or physical sufferings.

Tao Hua Sha 桃花杀– Abort the same as Tao Hua Jie but more serious in consequences. You might have read in newspaper that someone killed his lover when she wanted to end their relationship. Such tragic ending of a love affair is generally attributed to the effects of fengshui Tao Hua Sha.

Location of Individual's Peach Blossom

Year or day branch Peach Blossom Sector
申(shen) Monkey 子(zi) Rat 辰(chen) Dragon 酉(you) Rooster West
寅(yin) Tiger午(wu) Horse戌(xu) Dog 卯(mao) Rabbit East
巳(si) Snake 酉(you) Rooster丑(chou) OX 午(wu) Horse South
亥(hai) Pig 卯(mao) Rabbit未(wei) Ram 子(zi) Rat North

To read more on how to activate your Peach Blossom or Tao Hua 桃花 click here.

Peach Blossom Tao Hua precautionary measures checklist

As present-day love relationships and marriages are rather fragile, married couples can consider taking some precautions for extra-marital affairs' problem. Listed below are some of the precautionary measures that might help to prevent “rotten bad” tao hua “Lan Tao Hua 烂桃花” in one’s marriage:-

1. Check the above chart to see whether the peach blossom luck has been accidentally activated.

2. Bedroom is very important to marriage. Therefore make sure there are no outside plants or tree twigs extending into your bedroom, as this equates to a third-party intrusion to you marriage life.

3. Do not buy peach blossom flowers home.

The Peach Blossom Year

In each year, there will be a Peach Blossom Year for individuals of certain zodiac. For example, for those whose zodiac is Pig, Rabbit or Sheep, the Year of the Rat will be the Peach Blossom Year for them (see chart ). During their Peach Blossom Year, this group of individuals will have strong Tao Hua luck. As such, those who are already married must exercise caution during the year so as not to get involved in extra-marital affairs.

For those who are still desperately looking for a marriage partner or a serious love relationship, they should make good use of their Peach Blossom Year. The truly singles should energize their tao hua to increase the chances of finding their true love.

Should married couples activate tao hua?

Some married couples enhance the tao hua thinking that it can increase harmony in their marriages. Such activation can be risky to your marriage. If the marriage is going on well, it is better not to enhance the tao hua as the activation can be double-edged.

However, for some people who have enough self-control (this can be seen from his BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny), activating Peach Blossom is beneficial to them when they are in marketing or sales line. This helps bring in more sales.

Remedy for extra-marital affairs

First, use the above checklist to see whether anything has gone wrong in those areas mentioned above and rectify where necessary.

Next, use one of the following traditional methods to remedy the situation:-

Rooster figure Older generation believe by putting a Rooster figure (this is a favourite with old-style fengshui masters) to ward off adultery or the presence of a third-party to a marriage. The rooster figurine has to be golden or brass. Place one at the main door facing out.

Peach Wood Sword(桃木劍)

Display a Peach Wood Sword in the bedroom, on the side where your spouse sleeps. It can be placed at the side of the bed. This symbolizes cutting off the tao hua ties. This sword must be made of peach wood as the wood is said to curb evils. You can also place the peach wood sword at the tao hua location of your spouse.

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